Artist Alley

  • Artist Alley Application and guidelines
  • All banners and displays must be free standing, single-sided and only a few inches deep. Please make sure that the tops of all banners/displays are no more than 8 feet tall off the floor and no more than 5 1/2 feet wide.
  • Displays on tables need to be inward facing and no taller than 4ft; no artwork should face out towards another creator’s table; displays cannot obstruct the visibility of other tables.
  • The sale of unlicensed material or stolen artwork is strictly prohibited.
  • All artwork displayed needs to be the work of a creator who is present at the table. Do not display the work of an artist who is not at the show.
  • All displayed artwork must be kept to a PG-13 Rating.
  • Artist Alley table cannot be used primarily for the sale of merchandise such at t-shirts, pins, CDs/DVDs or plushies. Artist Alley tables are exclusively for use by creators who have artwork or other items directly related to their work for sale at their table (i.e. sketchbooks, prints, comics etc.) If you have a few of these items featuring your own work that is allowable.
  • Artist Alley tables are $175. This includes a 6' table and skirt, 2 chairs, and 2 badges.
  • After your application has been completed and submitted, we will email you a link to submit your payment.